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Interior Design Procurement is a full-service FFE procurement management company working strictly with Studio Designer. As an outsourcing procurement company, we meticulously manage all the behind-the-scenes details so that the designer(s) can do what they love, design. We want to streamline the purchasing side of the business and get the Firm running smoothly and efficiently. Hiring IDP to take over your procurement will allow for your design firm to thrive and grow. We work closely with the designer(s) to create a procurement plan that best suits the principle designer and the design firms needs. 


Nichole is both the founder and the perfectionist behind

Interior Design Procurement. Born and raised in New York State

but a Floridian at heart, Nichole is a tireless seeker of knowledge,

occasional purveyor of wisdom, and refreshingly determined. 

Fueled by her passion for creativity, Nichole can use that creativity to make a distinct difference as a procurement manager for your design firm. With over six years under her belt as a procurement manager for Design Firms, she has mastered all aspects of organization and efficiency. Nichole has vastly increased her productivity working with Studio Designer by implementing strategic project procedures and ensuring fluidity with each project. Nichole is continually learning, making her an asset to your firm. 



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